We specialize in custom fit boxes. They are made to order and to your specifications. We offer Product Protection of all shapes and sizes to safely get your products out to market in a cost effective manner. To go along with your carton you may also need pads or fillers to ensure a snug fit during shipping whatever the shape or size of your product. Below you will find a variety of styles to choose from and together we will find the right style to meet your needs.

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Regular Slotted Carton
Regular Slotted Carton

This is the type of box most people associate with when they hear the word “box”. This box has 4 flaps on the top and bottom, with the outer flaps meeting in the centre when folded. The seam is taped or glued. These boxes are used for almost any application including moving, product shipping, storage, and a lot more.

full overlap carton
Full Overlap Carton

The full overlap slotted carton is very similar to the regular slotted carton with 4 flaps on the top and bottom. The outer flap, when folded, come within one inch of a complete overlap. This makes it ideal for use in rough handling, shipping products long distances, non-fragile content shipping, and more.

folder mailer

This is a one piece box that provides a solid bottom with the sides and top wrapping around. This provides complete enclosure for the contents of the package. Being a small, flat box, the most common use is regular mail.

inserts and packaging solutions
Pads & Packing Pieces

Pads and packing pieces are used as cushioning, support, and protection in shipping and storage. These pieces can also be used to separate products within a box or carton. Pallet slip covers protect products from abrasion against the wooden pallets. These can be made in the same style as trays to keep the cover fixed on the pallet. These pads and packing pieces are custom made to your needs. The insert pieces are custom shaped and used to fill space within a box to keep the product in the box from moving around during shipping.

Five Panel Wrap
Five Panel Wrap

This box is comprised of a scored and slotted sheet that fully wraps around the product. This box is sealed with tape to completely enclose the product. Long and narrow products are generally used in this die-cut box. These boxes feature a hinged lid.


Trays have a solid bottom with no breaks or seams and no top. These are shipped to our clients flat, with the sides folded up and either taped or stapled by the client before use. The corner flaps are die cut for self locking, and are easily assembled. There are many uses for the trays, however shipping is a rare use for these boxes.

box and lid
Telescopic Trays

A telescopic tray is 2 parts, a top and a bottom, that fit together to create a fully enclosed box. The inner dimension of the top (lid) is equal to the outer dimension of the bottom (base) enabling the top to slide over the base enclosing the product. These boxes work well for shipping and storage.

Retail Display Carton
Retail Display Carton

These are only one of many custom products we can make. The retail display cartons are actually shipping cartons that we have developed that also double as display cartons once they are received by the end user. We are able to customize these, or create entirely new custom products for any application.